Gregory Landsman is a global beauty and wellness expert, best selling author, producer and TV host who specialises in showing people how to look younger and prevent premature skin aging, while lowering stress at the same time.

Having worked in the beauty industry for more than 30 years, his GL methods to stimulate collagen synthesis and De-Stress & Age Less are used globally by models, taught in universities, endorsed by nutritionists and recommended by doctors.

BOOKS: Gregory’s books explore how to achieve younger looking skin by counteracting premature skin aging brought on by the impacts of stress and weakened collagen levels.

His latest book, Stop Stress Fast shows readers how to reduce stress in a matter on minutes, and how to use the power of breath and cortisol lowering foods to feel calmer and take years off the face at the same time. This book is endorsed by and recommended by psychiatrists as an effective method to lower stress quickly.

Gregory’s books: Stop Stress Fast; Face Value; Face Fitness; Face Food; Face Secrets; The Balance of Beauty Explodes the Body Myth; A Lifetime of BEAUTY; Faith Lifting Prayers and A Prayer for Every Child.

NATURAL SKINCARE: Gregory has worked with world-class chemists to create natural alternatives to traditional skincare. His skincare formulas feature some of the most potent anti-aging and skin building antioxidants recommended by science as some of the most effective ways to reduce skin aging.

TELEVISION: Combining his skills as a beauty expert and talented cook, Gregory hosts the TV program, Face Lifting Food, based on two of his best selling books, (Face Value and Face Food). Face Lifting Food is currently airing in more than 50 countries, showing viewers how to use skin rejuvenating and cortisol lowering foods topically and in the meals we eat to achieve younger, healthier looking skin at any age. (The recipes from this show are now available as Apps.)

WELLNESS CENTRES: Gregory has donated time to working with medical teams in wellness centres on how to counteract the drying impacts of chemotherapy on skin naturally, contributing content from his best selling book Face Food and his TV show, Face Lifting Food, that is shown in universities.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: Having grown up in Apartheid South Africa, Gregory’s early years were marked by daily beatings, bullying and rejection for his differences. Since that time Gregory has turned his pain to purpose, actively supporting the need for inclusion and the celebration of peoples’s differences through his books and education program.



'In my 30 years of working with faces and skin in the beauty industry I have had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s largest names in fashion and beauty; collaborate with world class chemists to develop ground breaking skin products; provide advice to supermodels on their skin health; work with medical teams in wellness centres on how to counteract dry skin naturally; and speak with thousands of women and men of all ages about the challenge of keeping our skin vital as we age.'


'You can regenerate skin cells, strengthen, tighten, brighten and protect skin with pure vitamins and minerals found in everyday plants, fruits and vegetables. All of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients including retinol, alpha hydroxy acid, ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid have been derived from natural ingredients and can all be found in the foods we eat. They can also be easily extracted and used topically to dramatically enhance the vitality and health of your skin.'

'With the right approach we can retain healthy glowing skin and maintain skin firmness and health at any age. In other words, ‘GET SKINFIT’!'

'It was this that inspired me to write a series of best selling books on the best ways to maintain healthy, vital looking skin naturally.'

'This also motivated me to open a Treatment Room in Geneva providing natural youth enhancing skin treatment prescriptives to address skin challenges, such as fine lines; wrinkles; lip lines; dull and prematurely aged skin; problem skin; and super dry skin.'


'Stress is one of the greatest ‘aging’ factors for our skin.'

'We don't often realise that our skin reflects back to us our internal stress levels; our daily indulgences such as sugar, alcohol or smoking; the quality of food we eating; how much sleep we are getting; how much water we are drinking and the environmental toxins our skin is exposed to on a daily basis.'

'Improving skin health and vitality starts with de-stressing and detoxing the skin and feeding it the right skin building vitamin and mineral formulas.'

'But what is important to know is that this works best transdermally, when applied directly to the skin. This is one of the secrets to the success of the treatment prescriptives and why they work so well – we apply powerful, pure, skin-building vitamin and mineral treatment prescriptives made from some the most potent anti-aging ingredients directly on to the skin.'



'My techniques are holistic. The topical skin prescriptives used in Geneva were developed using potent natural plant-infused anti aging ingredients to feed the skin pure, active, skin building vitamins and minerals to help keep skin looking younger naturally.'

'I focus on speeding up lymphatic drainage to remove toxins from the face, boosting circulation and dispersing congestion, with immediate results.'

'My breathing techniques calm the nervous system and reduce the stress hormone.'

'My method of connective tissue work stimulates the skin's ability to regenerate, stimulating collagen growth and lifting and tightening tissues. This facial therapy re-educates the muscles, improving skin quality and reducing lines.'

'We need to look after our skin from the inside out and outside in with the way we eat, breathe, think and feel.'

'This is why Professional Skin Treatment Prescriptives provide you with effective formulas and techniques to detox and de-stress the skin, together with suggested ways to support your skin treatment prescriptive with food, deep breathing and facial massage.'

'The techniques are effective and the results are dramatic.'

'The enormous success of these treatments in delivering younger, healthier looking skin to people of all ages and skin types inspired me to make them available to you for the first time here.'


'However an important part of reclaiming the fullness of our beauty inside and out is knowing that here is an indelible link between the way we look and the way we feel.'

'Our journey to discover our own brand of beauty is a personal one that we all make, but if we solely use our eyes, we will only see limited aspects of what makes us beautiful human beings.'

'So while I believe it is important to look after our bodies and our faces, it is just as important to feel good in our skin knowing that what we bring to the world adds value to the lives of others.'

'Thirty years ago I developed my own definition of beauty that underpins all of the work that I do. Using the word ‘BEAUTY’ as an acronym:

B is for Balance – a balance of inner and outer characteristics that radiates outwardly. Balance supports us to live our lives with a set of values that ensures we know what we stand for and what we value.

E is for the Enthusiasm that lies within the way we think and feel about ourselves. Enthusiasm brings joy and allows us to embrace ourselves and the world with a full heart and a kind mind.

A is for Acceptance - the path to making peace with ourselves and others. Acceptance strengthens self-belief and acceptance of others so you become inclusive and embracing of people’s differences.

U is for Understanding ourselves gives us clarity and wisdom to know what we want and more importantly what we don't. Understanding grows compassion and builds empathy.

T is for Trust attunes our heart and mind so we can strengthen self belief and feel safe to nurture spontaneity, creativity and adventure in our lives. Trust ignites confidence and underpins our belief in our humanity.

Y is for You knowing that you have what it takes to create the life and love you know you deserve and to never settle for anything less.'

So regardless of which treatment you are giving yourself, keep in mind that the beauty we all share as human beings is something that we experience through the way we live, love, think and feel.

Gregory Landsman